The Drake Hotel

The Drake Hotel is a hotbed for culture and, as a building, a landmark of Toronto’s history and heritage. It has become a venue for culture to thrive and for people to participate both locals and tourists. A community cornerstone, renowned boutique hotel, live events venue – The Drake is all of these things. It’s a space that invites discovery.

The new website acts as a home base for a growing community, frequently updated with engaging content. Aesthetically, it leverages the Drake’s ever-popular Flickr pool, where users can submit their own photos from a relaxing afternoon in the Lounge, to a wild night in the Underground. The site backgrounds are real photos pulled dynamically from the Drake’s flickr pool, and give a raw and authentic experience that’s not only representative of the Drake itself, but of the people who stay and hangout there. The site also includes expandable, scalable pillars, allowing for new entities, business branches and e-commerce opportunities for the Drake General Store.

Art Direction:
—Sebastian Speier
—Ella Potyrala
Design: —Kam Nong
Agency: Trapeze | 2010