Harley-Davidson Dark Custom

Harley-Davidson’s Dark Custom line of motorcycles was introduced in 2008 as an attempt to gain the attention of a younger, hipper customer base. The strategy intended to find the interest of younger, newer riders without alienating the older core demographic. Harley-Davidson created a sub-brand to market cheaper bikes as being more desirable to younger and cooler people. The Dark Custom line from Harley-Davidson pays tribute to the dirt tracks and drag strips, the uninhibited spirit of motorcycle culture.

In 2012, the Dark Custom micro-site was starting to look dated and out-of-touch with the kinds of digital platforms their young demographic was using. We implemented a brand new full-bleed microsite leveraging Harley-Davidson’s amazing photography, and we also implemented a campaign that leverages a new social platform: Instagram. By using the hashtag #StereoTypicalHarley, you can publish your own instagram photos to the Dark Custom wall.

Art Direction:
—Sebastian Speier
—Lucia Orlandi
Agency: SapientNitro | 2012